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The Hiding Place

Last Friday my family and I went to the Hiding Place play. At first we picked seats near the front on the first level. But then we decided that it would be neat to sit in the balcony. So we moved up top. The view was great! But we couldn’t hear to great from up there, so we decided to go back down to the ground level where the sound was a little better, I had a fun time and I think that every one else did too.

The play was really good. The actors and actresses acted very well. I think that it was really cool when the ex-guard that she [Corrie] remembered from one of the concentration camp came up to Corrie after she was done speaking at one of her meetings and asked her to forgive him. At first she didn’t want to, but she knew that Jesus said that we have to forgive to be forgiven. So she asked the Lord that He would help her to forgive him and as soon as she said that she forgave him she started feeling a warmth start down her arm and into her hand and truly forgave him.

It wasn’t what she had done, but what Jesus had done. I just think that it’s really neat what the Lord can do to change our minds.

By Susannah S.


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Hiding Place Play

On Friday the 26th my family went to a play called the Hiding Place. It was very educational. It helped me understand more about the Holocaust. I learned risky it was to help the Jews. Also, how the Ten Boom family still trusted in the Lord and did it anyway, because it was the right thing to do, even though the Germans would be merciless to them if they were caught.


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